Witches of Doom are a goth-stoner-doom band born in Rome in January 2013, when Federico Venditti –guitars-, DaniloPiludu –vocals, Jacopo Cartelli-bass, Andrea Budicin-drums, got together and started their own musical project in order to play a personalized mix of 80’s goth, 70’s hard rock blended with a 90’s sensibility that harks back to Type o’Negative and Moonspell among others.
The Roman ensemble started to write their own material and in just a few months the bulk o
f the debut album was already panned out. Witches of Doom want to play in front of an audience and in Spring 2013 they embark on a series of live dates within the Roman circuit where they will establish their name as one of the hottest bands in the Roman underground music scene.
In May 2013 the band finished arranging the ten tracks that will end up on their debut CD, “Obey” and in November they entered the Hombre Lobo Studios with Fabio Recchia as producer and sound engineer . The ten tracks recorded in those sessions represent a huge step forward, with defined arrangements thanks to the keyboard work of Fabio and Graziano “Eric”Corrado. The first names that spring to mind to give you an idea are Black Sabbath, Cult, Paradise,Lost, Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode.
o “Eric”Corrado is now a full on member of the group who signed with Sliptrick Rec. soon after the band played many venues in Italy and embarked in their first tour in the Baltic countries, receiving lots of appraisal and good feedback.
The band filmed a video for the crowd pleaser U2
song New Years Day, featuring Paul Bento –ex Type O Negative and Carnivore- on lead guitar and produced by Fredrik Folkare from Unleashed.
In April (digital version) and September 2016 the second album “Deadlights” is out for sliptrick records, produced by Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed).

In January 2017 Jacopo leaves the band just before the baltic tour with 2 left to be Right (Marco and Fabrizio from the supporting band wil play the bass on that tour). After the baltic tour, also Andrea leaves the band, but he will be involved in the future in some w.o.d. projects as the friendly way he separated with the band.

March 2017: new drummer and new bass player (will be revealed soon). Starting to prepare new material and a new EP and an european tour for end of summer – fall 2017.